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Elementary Syllabus

syllabus overview

Today’s Shaolin animal is the Snake, while Respect is our character trait of the day. The class will incorporate physical activities that integrate the characteristics of the Snake and Respect


The goal of today is for the children to understand be able to recognize attributes of the Snake and Respect.

  • Respect is best illustrated by treating others with respect, following the golden rule, being tolerant and accepting of differences, using good manner, being considerate of the feelings of others, by not threatening or hurting anyone
  • The Snake is noted for its suppleness and rhythmic endurance. The snake helps develop internal energy 

Relay Flags

To further emphasize the qualities of Respect, the students will be told a story. This story will include the animals of the days, as well as the principle of the day.

There are 3 main activities that the students will participate in for the day. 

Physical activity

Friendly Competition




Students will be sent home with a guide that covers what they learned in the class. there will also be an at home assignment the encompasses the aspect covered regarding the snake and respect


at the beginning of day 4 there will be a review of today’s components. the students will also turn in their at home assignment