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The Belt system is a demonstration of progressive goal setting and achievement. For example a student wants to move up to the next belt so at that moment, they may or may not realize the goal is set. There are specific requirements for that belt so the student focuses on the required skills until they have all they need. Shortly after receiving the new belt their sights are set on the next one. Each rank progressively requires more knowledge and skill so perseverance is developed.

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White Belt

 A White Belt is the absence of rank, it is the beginning of the Martial Arts Journey.

yellow Belt

By Yellow Belt, a proper punch, kick, block and stance can be demonstrated (the basics).

orange Belt

By Orange Belt, the basics have been put into motion.


purple belt

By Purple Belt, basics are put into more complex combinations.

blue belt

 By Blue Belt, power is demonstrated in the basics, the combinations are applied to sparring

blue w/ green stripe Belt

By Blue W/ Green Stripe, it’s time to develop the guard and refine what has been learned.


green Belt

At Green Belt, quick response with target accuracy is demonstrated.

brown Belt

There are 3 ranks of Brown Belt. At Brown Belt skills are sharpened like the blade of a sword.

black Belt

A Black Belt has the skills needed to travel the path of the Martial Arts, continuing to unlock amazing discoveries.