west las vegas martial arts

The class consists of positive reinforcement drills and relays which help in developing coordination, problem solving, team work, and memory. Our students enjoy class as they achieve patches to decorate their uniform with their successes

Our kempo warriors develop physical and mental competence in a variety of drills, exercises and techniques designed to engage their minds and develop their physical strength, coordination, and endurance.

All of our teens participate in a martial arts program that challenges them both mentally and physically, as well as develops strong character and discipline. The teens are able to execute amazing martial arts techniques that will astonish friends and family (as seen on TV).

Martial arts, which can be viewed as a discipline, a sport, and a way of life that has many intrinsic benefits to offer the adult student. If you would like more focus, self discipline, and increased energy our Shaolin Kempo class will help you reach your goals.

The first rule of this gym is NO POLITICS! United Studios of Self Defense has programs for every skill level and martial arts desire from “Amateur to Pro”; “Ring fighter to Street ready.” We are here to help you reach your personal goals. In This class you will learn both standing and ground fighting techniques. We will be offering both self defense and competition classes.