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jiu-jitsu for adults

In this class you will learn both standing and ground fighting techniques. We teach self defense and competition skills in both GI and no GI classes.

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Our Nova Uunia program covers judo, Brazilian jujitsu, Cathican wrestling, Western wrestling, small circle jujitsu and Pilipino Dumog Grappling. We develop the individual fighter: we will help you discover the you in your fight game.

If you are looking to learn MMA you have found the best program in Las Vegas. Our MMA coach has been training with the top fighters in UFC and MMA since its inception. You will learn the dedication, fundamentals to advanced fighting, and the principals necessary to succeed in this exciting art. You will master standing to the ground and from the ground back to standing tactics. This is a contact class from day 1, in order to develop your skills in a safe environment and prepare you for advanced MMA techniques. If you are ready to discover your best self, we are here to show you the path. “In our no GI classes you will get MMA and no GI grappling; I’ll be teaching you foot locks, leg locks, neck cranks and the illegal holds that I’ve become known for”.

Coach Dave

Shaolin Kempo Karate is an ancient mixed martial art. You will learn the powerful strikes of karate, the body manipulation of jiu-jitsu, the internal strength of tai chi, the flowing art of Kung-fu, the kicks and footwork of taekwondo, tang su do, and multiple arts of South Asia. All have been seamlessly woven into the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate.

Robert J. Diamant

Instructor USSD