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What is the core?

The core muscles consist of the lower torso region including the abdominal, obliques and lower back. Developing a strong core prevents injures by providing stability in the lower back and torso (relating to the , bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and spinal discs). Core strength adds power to a variety of movements, jumping, twisting and everyday activities. A solid core is the starting point for any fitness program including bodybuilding, weight loss, team and individual sports.

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Core developing exercises

Does Martial Arts Develop Core Strength?

Martial Arts by its very nature develops core muscle strength. As the body stabilizes itself during a sequence of movements, be it kicks punches or kata, it utilizes the core muscles to do so. Core strength brings power to punches, kicks, throws and adds protection during falls and slap outs. Competence and coordination in any given exercise is directly connected to core strength. This being said, it could be concluded that martial arts training doesn’t need additional core developing exercises; nothing could be further from the truth. Martial arts training teaches us to break down and focus on the specifics. To truly develop a overall fit body requires focus on the components that determine fitness. Core strength and Stamina being at the center of that focus.

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Stamina and Cardiovascular health

Will Martial Arts Increase My Endurance?

When discussing stamina you will find reference to mental and physical stamina and how one or the other may be developed. I will argue you can’t separate the two. When your running a marathon and your lungs are burning, legs are heavy and your cardiovascular endurance is spent your mental attitude plays the key role in your successful completion of the race. If your studding for finals and surviving on little to no sleep for days at a time, your mind struggles to focus because your fatigued body continues to require more attention just to stay upright.

Cardiovascular Endurance is Your Choice With Every Workout

Developing endurance is all about attitude, it’s putting in full effort. I’ve seen two people participate in the same workout, at conclusion one is drenched with sweat and completely spent wale the other has had a mild workout. I’m not saying you should put every once of energy, in every move you make during a workout; oh wait a minute, yes I am! Now, I will proceed that statement by saying if your just starting a program to get into shape, start slow. The biggest mistake beginner instructors and practitioners make when starting a fitness program is attempting to jump into an advanced session. This subjects the beginner to two main problems, 1) discouragement, inability to complete the routine with good form puts the focus on failure. If we feel we failed at a task over and over it’s difficult to stay motivated. 2) Injury,   when the body is not prepared for the exercise to much strain could be put on the joints, ligaments and mussels causing injures. Success comes from small consistent achievements, start you fitness program with 30 to 40 minutes of moderate activity and build from there.

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