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Self Defense

Judo This Self Defense Class teaches you how to escape holds, using judo to control falls and manipulate opponents force. Judo translates to “the gentle way”, it’s name is a perfect description, in this powerful art an aperient slight move on your part causes the attacker, in some cases, to fly across the room. The techniques manipulate the joints and force of the opponent’s body. Using leverage to position joints to move in directions that they are not meant to move causing the entire body to respond. The more force the opponent puts into the attack, the more aggressively they hit the ground. “Student Quote ( the bigger they are the harder they fall)” – Student Name

Self Defense Safety Tips

Although politically incorrect to say, it is important to develop a non victim mentality. Attackers often choose their victims biased on opportunity and their perception of potential success. Be aware of your surroundings; This is the #1 most important habit that we need to develop. So many things in our life take our focus; keeping track of our kids, interacting with friends, talking on the phone, texting or scanning your favorite social media account. So its easy to not be completely aware of surroundings. We need to establish “triggers” (physical or mental queues) to remind us to scan our surroundings and recognize potential threats.

Self Defense

Brazilian Jujitsu Jujitsu has its roots in Judo and specializes in the ground fighting aspects. You will use leverage, joint locks and chokeholds to control your opponent. These techniques by design allow a smaller weaker person to defend themselves against a bigger stronger opponent ie men vs women. You will use these techniques to tie up your appoints mobility like a blanket smothering a fire. This art opens your options you can, maim, restrain or flee. “Student Quote” – Student Name

Trust Your Instincts

This is so important to teach our kids but also we need to check ourselves on this one. Whenever possible avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When you meet someone that gives you that creepy feeling, or feel that things are going to go bad, even when with a group of friends excuse yourself and leave. It’s better to be perceived as rude by people that don’t really know you, then put yourself in a compromising position.

Plan Ahead

This is a series of small things. Don’t just have your keys in your hand, have the key to the door in your grip before you get out of the car or leave the building. When parking, choose a spot that is or will be light if it gets dark. Always look in your car before getting in. When putting kids in the car wait until you are in your seat before buckling them into their seats. Yes its less then convenient but your back to the parking lot for the 1-2 minutes it takes to buckle them in, this is enough time for an attacker to cover a lot of ground.

Practice Your Moves

Studies have proven that the brain maps activities, this is more then just muscle memory but muscle memory is a part of it. If you throw a man who can’t swim into the deep end of a swimming pool he may discover enough swimming ability to save his life, but because of the high stress involved in the situation the unorthodox stroke he used to save his life becomes mapped into his brain. Learning a proper swimming stroke will be more difficult. As soon as stress is added back to the swimming environment he will revert to the unorthodox stroke. The opposite is also true, you can map your self defense moves in a safe environment and when stress is added to the situation (life or death) you will remain calmer and choose your response.


A single self defense class will not be much help if you are attacked 2 years later. In our busy world, it is difficult to do everything we should in order to take care of ourselves. These can include eating right, strength training, and finding time to get your cardio in. I want you to consider our Women’s Martial Arts Course. You will receive a good workout and unlimited variations on training routines to focus on the areas you are looking to develop. The self defense aspect is a natural byproduct of the training. So, if you are ever in an unfortunate situation where you need to fight your way to safety, you are ready.

Robert J. Diamant

Instructor USSD

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Martial Arts is a well known source of:
* Self Discipline- giving you the power to plan your meals and stick to it.
* Muscle Definition- natural and aerobic strength developing exercises that are fun and challenging
* Endurance- drills and practice techniques that will give you a full cardio work out
* Flexibility- enhances performance in aerobic and muscle conditioning, aids your body’s recovery and overall comfort.

Robert J. Diamant

Instructor USSD